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December 23, 2012

Christmas Program. Come share your poems and love for Christ.

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New Covenant Christian Church

Sharing The Love of Christ
 Christians have all been blessed with special gifts.  If you have the gift of expression through poetry, New Covenant Christian Church would love to post your poetry.   You can send us a poem that is of Christian value based on biblical truths.  Poems not meeting this criteria will not be published. Updated Weekly.


By Charles C. Robey

There's a better home a waiting over on that golden shore.

Where Jesus waits with all the Saints who have traveled on before.

They beckon me to meet them far beyond the shinning sun.

And by Gods grace I'll be there when my traveling days are done.

I am going home tomorrow shouting glory all the way,

And when I reach that blessed place, I'll l hear my Savior say.

Well done my faithful servant, enter into Heavens door.

Where sin nor strife nor pain nor death nor sorry come no more

When the trumpet sounds in glory Will you meet me over there,

To dwell with him in peace and love and a spotless rob to wear.

Get ready for His coming, you will not have lone to wait.

Before He calls you home above within the pearly gates.




How can we forgive a person we hate?
When they lie and cheat for their own sake.
Never stopping for a moment or two.
To see the sorrow they brought to you.
Just remember our Savior who came.
And He died on the cross oh what a shame.
and the ones that nailed Him to that cross.
the ones that we know that are to blame.
And Jesus Christ He knew everyone.
But Yet Jesus said, "Forgive them Father for they know not what they have done."
But our great and loving Father He knew.
For Jesus was sent to die for me and for you.
And when those nails were driven in.
Only Our Master would know in the end.
For God sent His only begotten son.
To die on that cross for all the LOST ONES.
So now do you think it's so hard to FORGIVE?
Could you sacrifice your ONLY child so others could live?
so with every breath you take, just remember
it is easier to LOVE than it is to HATE!
Written by Tracy Scroggins